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Obviously, it’s up to you how when, how often and where you exhibit, but
it’s always good to know what opportunities are out there.
i recon if there is a show somewhere that suites your practice and taste, you shoud know about it.
Please try not to enter open calls where you need to pay an entry fee.

It’s just wrong and there are plenty of great opportunities that go for free.
The websites for this have really taken off lately and as long as the show or position seem
serious. Also, think about which ops are really relevant for you, which ones are related to your practice.
Then again, sometimes it’f great to get an assignment so to speak.
And again, please don’t pay for it, if you can avoid it. That’s like making excuses for being an artist.

And: go for it!

Here are the best ones that I know of:

Wooloo ( international, from Denmark

Creative Scotland (mostly Scotland and UK)

Visual Artists (Ireland) 

re-Title (International, Holland)

 interaction printmakers ops

print universe



Video art

I send you this

Please help me find other sites like this for other parts of the world, Asia for instance.
I know they’re out there…