There are a few ways to make a good CV. When I am at a gallery and I see a CV laying around, I often look at it and think: Oh, dear, that’s alot of places where I haven’t exhibited. I should think god for her/him, maybe I can show there in the future, but I don’t.

Everything needs to berelevant on the CV, and true, and look professional.

Think about whom you are giving your CV to, or where it will be.
Basically, it’s good to have a few different ones. One for work, one for exhibitions, a long and a sharp one.
You can probably think of more. And save older ones just incase.

It needs to be clear easy to follow and updated.

Adding a photo (black and white is fine) is a generous gesture. It’ll give people a face, they know you are a real person and they may know you without knowing it, so even if it feels naff it can be helpful. Then again you need to be happy about how you represent yourself.

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