galleries, agents, curators

Curators, galleries and art agents are not necessarily the enemy, nor are they employers whom we solemnly are supposed to supply with art and to obey. Let’s see them as people we independent artists can choose to collaborate with. A good partnership between curator and artist needs to function on mutual respect and without unbalanced dependency. Both artist and curator have a place in the art scene but one must be careful getting it right, the constallation must fit for both parties otherwise it isn’t really helping either.

Personally, I find it most important to be able to have a good conversation with the people that
show my artwork. Obviously they need to believe in you, and your work, but neither of you can guarantee success.
It is wise to have a few chats before shaking hands, and why not check the gallerist’s track record.
Whom has she/he worked with, how long, and is it plausible that he/she has clients that would like your art?