Links: Artist-run-galleries

These are all good galleries. Proper artist-run-projects. Most of which will welcome proposals.

Please let me know of more good artist-run spaces.

South America

Calle 13 # 25, esq. Revolution,
Col. San Pedro de los Pinos
Mexico DF, Mexico, O3800
(5255) 5277 4947



6 Shirizli Street,


Inperdisciplinary Project Space Istanbul
Dolapdere Caddesi Pangalti Dere sokak
No 8 A/B/C Pangalti Istanbul

AfricaBlank Projects
113-115 Sir Lowry Rd.
Cape Town
South Africa

The Physics Room Gallery
ST PAUL St Gallery One
, 40
St Paul St 
Auckland, New Zealand

North America

UNIT/PITT Projects
15 East Pender Street,
BC V6A 1S9 Canada


Local Project
45-10 Davis St,
Long Island City,



Generator Projects
25-26 Mid Wynd Industrial Estate
Dundee, Scotland, UK, DD1 4JG
+44 (0) 1382 225982


Studsgade 46, st. tv.
8000 Århus C, Denmark
Phone: +45 86208625,

XL Art Space
Vuorikatu 22
00100 Helsinki

Igor Metropol
Budapest, 1126, Beethoven utca 1/b. III/12.

super bien!
Schwedter Strasse 232
D 10435 Berlin

Herrenstrasse 26
76133 Karlsruhe


avenue César-Roux 4
1005 Lausanne 

Artist-Run Art Faires

Alt_Cph – Denmark – Posted 2009-09-18

Copenhagen Alternative Artfair – an experience of the variety of tendencies found in the alternative art scene.
Frère Independent – USA – Posted 2009-12-09

Frère Independent is a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to provide widespread visibility to artists. We implement our mission with two high-profile, highly targeted art exhibitions. Pool is an artists’ fair for artists by artists. DiVA is reserved for galleries that show a clear interest in promoting and distributing video and digital art.
Supermarket Art Fair – Sweden – Posted 2009-09-19

Of course – this site. The biggest art fair in Skandinavia. One fair a year in Stockolm, Sweden.
UND – Germany – Posted 2009-09-18

An event for the presentation of artists’ initiatives in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Sluice Art Fair, London , UK1.

super bien!

Schwedter Strasse 232

D 10435 Berlin



Local Project

45-10 Davis St,

Long Island City,



XL Art Space

Vuorikatu 22

00100 Helsinki





Studsgade 46, st. tv.

8000 Århus C, Denmark

Phone: +45 86208625,




The Physics Room Gallery

ST PAUL St Gallery One
40 St Paul St 
Auckland, New Zealand



Igor Metropol

Budapest, 1126, Beethoven utca 1/b. III/12.





Inperdisciplinary Project Space Istanbul

Dolapdere Caddesi Pangalti Dere sokak

No 8 A/B/C Pangalti Istanbul





Herrenstrasse 26

76133 Karlsruhe




avenue César-Roux 4

1005 Lausanne





6 Shirizli Street,





UNIT/PITT Projects

15 East Pender Street,


BC V6A 1S9 Canada





Escape Gallery
Nagornaya Street 23/2,
(Metro station “Nagornaya”)


+7 (499) 127 0919




Banner Repeater

Platform 1,

Hackney Downs railway station,

London E8 1LA





Mooste 64616

Põlva maakond


+372 53 306 679




Galerija Škuc

Stari trg 21, 1000 Ljubljana


+386 1 2516540




T R A N S I E N T   P R O J E C T S   T O   P E O P L E

18 Rue de Thorigny,

75003 PARIS





George and Jørgen

3 Howson Road



+44 (0) 7895 096 252

+44 (0) 7921 805 694





Level 7, Room 14,

Nicholas Building

37 Swanston St

Melbourne 3000




Aid & Abet

Station Road







Calle 13 # 25, esq. Revolution,

Col. San Pedro de los Pinos

Mexico DF, Mexico, O3800

(5255) 5277 4947



Proyectos Ultravioleta

11 calle , Zona 1

Guatemala, Guatemala, 5-36 B



22. Generator Projects

25-26 Mid Wynd Industrial Estate


Scotland, UK


+44 (0) 1382 225982






Schikanedergasse 11,

A-1040 Wien

+43 (0) 676-6748796



Centro de Investigaciones Artisticas (CIA)

Tucumán 3758

Buenos Aires, Argentina, C1189AAV

(5411) 4861 7838





Roggestraat 50

5025 MB Tilburg


tel nr. 0031 6 28813592



Artist-run groups and spaces

00130gallery Helsinki – Finland – Posted 2009-10-12    

Artist run, non-profit gallery and project space in Helsinki Finland
4h-art – Germany – Posted 2011-07-11

Small artist gallery, running since 2006 4-hour-exhibition 3rd sunday each month. Focus on strange/r. You, me, the others, where ever you are, even at home turning back after years, in-/outside. Open for the unusual.
ACP – USA – Posted 2010-02-04

Artist Curated Projects was conceived of by Eve Fowler and Lucas Michael. The goal is to support and nurture a community of artists –their projects and ideas– outside of a conventional art gallery or institutional venue; a space removed from the commercial pressures often attached to the experience of showing/curating/viewing art.
Agent Double – Switzerland – Posted 2011-02-05

Inaugurated in December 2008, Agent Double is an independent and non-profit contemporary art venue situated in the heart of Geneva – Plainpalais, a vibrant hub where social, intellectual and artistic diversity converge. In tune with the surrounding neighbourhood, Agent Double is a space dedicated to all forms of contemporary art encouraging creative exchanges and collaborations and promoting a network of contemporary artists on a national and international level.
Apartment Project – Turkey – Posted 2010-02-04

Artist-Run Space in Istanbul. Since its opening in 1999, it has been host to various performances, installations, exhibitions, happenings and events.
Argument Vertoningsruimte – The Netherlands – Posted 2010-10-15

Argument offers art -in all its aspects- a place. Artists get time and space to tackle the experiment and to work on site. The starting point is -mental and physical- space. A working period always ends wih a presentation which usually lasts 3 weeks, but variations are possible. Related to the presentation the artist is also asked to make an ‘item’ (kind of multiple, work in series), as a little monument and for retail.
ARt group with asian focus – Denmark – Posted 2010-01-12

atm-art is a dutch danish chinese art group working with contemporary art in a photorealistic setting
Art Video Screening – Sweden – Posted 2010-02-05

Art Video Screening is an artist-run and non-profit initiative run by Jonas Nilsson and Eva Olsson, its an international event and platform focusing on videoart/moving image. Art Video Screening showcases videoart/moving image in screening programmes consisting of a number of short works from artists who are pushing the elements of videopractice. Selected works will be part of Art Video Screening’s archive.
Artists’ Studio, Helsinki – Finland – Posted 2010-10-26

Artists’ Studio is an artist run gallery in the center of Helsinki, Finland
bb15 – Austria – Posted 2011-10-14

bb15 is an alternative location of the arts; non-commercial with experimental approaches and free space. On roughly 100m² exhibition area in the city centre of Linz/Austria exhibitions, performances, workshops, discussions and concerts are taking place. Furthermore the area is used as studio and place of production. International co-operations with similar institutions as well as an annual artist in residence program complete the repertoire.
BIG BLUE Contemporary Art Exhibition – Greece – Posted 2010-06-09

Visual and performing artists, university Professors, builders that were born elsewhere, studied elsewhere and work everywhere. 22 Visual and performing artists from Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, France, England, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria, Australia. Under the patronage of the Aegean University School of Sciences Samos and the municipal cultural events Karlovassi, Greece.
candyland – Sweden – Posted 2009-11-17

Artist-run gallery in Stockholm.
Club Electro Putere – Romania – Posted 2011-01-10

Club Electro Putere (CEP) is a Romanian centre for contemporary culture founded in 2009 by Adrian Bojenoiu and Alexandru Niculescu. The CEP activity is focused on inquiring into contemporary human practices concentrated on cultural manifestations. The purpose of the centre is to enable inter-human cultural exchanges by connecting different levels of reality and expression.
DIAGONALE – Canada – Posted 2010-09-22

artist-run centre in Montréal (Canada) fiber oriented.
Entrée – Norway – Posted 2010-10-11

Entrée is an artist-run gallery established in 2009 by Cato Løland and Randi Grov Berger. By promoting both local and international young artists, we intend to be an active participant in the development of Bergen`s scene of emerging artists.
EXHIBITION – USA – Posted 2010-02-04

Exhibition is a temporary (six months) independent, art initiative located in a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth street in New York. Exhibition offers an experimental and contradictory artistic and curatorial approach.
f.a.i.t. Kraków – Poland – Posted 2009-09-20

Foundation Artist- Innovation- Theory
Fiber art sweden – Sweden – Posted 2009-09-20

FAS is an idealistic organization.FAS intention is to arrange shows and exhibitions, debates and seminars concerning contemporary art matters, to collaborate with schools, institutions and companies. To create a network of contacts in the world. The expression “fiber art” signifies a freer handling of fibre. A more extensive meaning of textile, beyond the expectations as for example tapestry and embroidery. The choice of name is dependent of the fact that “fiber art” is internationally established as artgenre.
Formverk (art zone) – Sweden – Posted 2009-09-25

Formverk (art zone) is a non-profit, artist run exhibition place, located in Eskilstuna, Sweden The purpose is to show national and international contemporary art and to realize artistic exchange and cooperation.
France fiction, Paris – France – Posted 2009-09-20

A space for exhibiting emerging contemporary art, as well as a place for meeting, working and the main showcase of the artist collective FRANCE FICTION. Opened 2004.
Galleri Konstepidemin – Sweden – Posted 2010-01-26

Artist run gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden
Galleri Rostrum – Sweden – Posted 2009-10-31

The rostrum gallery is located in malmö city centre on our third address in the gallery’s 24-year history. Our goal is to make rich and varied exhibitions. The gallery has approximately 10 exhibitions a year. Rostrum has non-commercial interest and is run by 25 artists/members who work non-profit.
Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography – Canada – Posted 2010-01-10

A non-profit artist-run centre in Toronto, Canada committed to the advancement of photographic art.
GENERATORprojects – United Kingdom – Posted 2010-10-07

We are an artist-led, non profit artist led exhibition space established in 1996 in Dundee, Scotland.
Green Is Gold Studio – Denmark – Posted 2011-12-15

Green is Gold Studio is a newly added exhibition space to the Danish art scene, dedicated to encourage and show contemporary art from up and coming artist as well as established. Green Is Gold Studio is an artist run, non-profit exhibition space, founded in autumn 2011 and run by Ditte Knus Tønnesen and Amalie Bønnelycke Lunøe, both visual artists educated from The Glasgow School of Art.
Hammarby Art Port, Stockholm – Sweden – Posted 2010-09-15

Artists’ studios and a terminal for import and export of artistic expression.
Heriot Toun Studio – United Kingdom – Posted 2010-01-27

An artist run multi purpose space for artists of all media, for workshops, residencies, creative retreats
Hildegard Projekt – Germany – Posted 2011-06-16

The Hildegard Projekt is a rare attempt by individual artists to produce a single work collectively. Each installation is developed in a specific location and occurs only once.
ID:I Gallery – Sweden – Posted 2011-02-01

Artist-run gallery, with 23 members who are sharing a small beautiful space at Sodermalm in Stockholm for exhibition periods. Integrity, openmindedness and that nothing is typical ID:I is typical ID:I.
Inquietart – Spain – Posted 2011-04-24

Inquietart is an artist group who run the Incart art Festival in Mallorca
IS-projects – Netherlands – Posted 2011-12-13

IS-projects was founded in December 2007 with a gathering of twenty artists from Australia, Europe and USA in the exhibition entitled UND Jetzt. Since then IS-projects has initiated exhibitions and therefore meetings between artists, art-lovers and collectors. Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler, both artists, transform their house twice a year into an exhibition space. IS-projects organizes group shows, connecting artists from The Netherlands with artists working abroad. IS-projects also publishes the so called IS-boxes, limited edition sets of prints/multiples. And thus, providing accessible and ‘mail friendly’ art. IS-projects is intimate space, internet space, international space, international style, but above all the art that we show is what it is.
isnotgallery – Cyprus – Posted 2011-09-26

is not gallery is an artist-run space that celebrates fine and applied arts, and promotes new and innovative works of young Cypriot and European artists. It offers the opportunity to the audience to get acquainted with “du jour” tendencies in art, such as the alternating art market through the thematic group exhibitions Cheap Art and A.I.P. (Artists in Print). The space presents a programme of solo and group exhibitions in painting, sculpture, photography and multimedia, as well as other events such as performances, artists’ talks, lectures from literary people, small-scale (fashion) fairs, etc.
KNOCK KNOCK GALLERY – – Posted 2010-02-04

Knock Knock Gallery is a small artist run space located in Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood.
Kolahstudio – Iran – Posted 2009-10-07

Iranian Underground Art Media and Basement
LAB gallery – Sweden – Posted 2010-10-29

LAB gallery is a place for collaborative work. Each month a artist is invited to work with Nathalie Fougeras – to bring ideas via some talks exchanges, to grow ideas together, to work at some material and to install together in the LAB gallery space the collaborative work result.
Les Territoires Gallery – Canada – Posted 2010-10-20

Les Territoires contemporary art gallery is a non-profit organisation that provides emerging artists with a rental exhibition space. By integrating emerging artist solo exhibitions with professionally curated projects, Les Territoires provides a professional context for young artists to integrate into the art market.
Lo and Behold – Greece – Posted 2011-02-06

Lo and Behold is an artist-run non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece, serving as a platform for the production of cultural activities, both in Greece and abroad, with a focus on contemporary art.
Lowsalt Gallery, Glasgow – United Kingdom – Posted 2009-09-20

an artist-run, non-profit organisation that delivers gallery exhibitions and site-specific art shows; based in Glasgow Scotland since 2006.
MARS, Toowoomba Queensland – Australia – Posted 2011-07-05

MARS is Metro Artist Run Space in regional Queensland, Australia. Home to four offsite residents, we host monthly art battles (with eight rounds, a referee then silent auction to finish), collaborative life drawing with costumed dancers, brain-filling workshops, networking nights .. lots.
MICROWESTEN – Germany – Posted 2009-12-16

MICROWESTEN – Berlin – Munich – Hamburg a dynamic artist run group, based in different german cities and acting internationally.
Milkshake Agency – Switzerland – Posted 2011-10-31

Established in 2004 by artist Alexia Turlin, the Milkshake Agency is her worshop studio with a shop window in the middle of Geneva. The window shop offered about 10 exhibitions annually visible 24 hours a day and 7/7. Artists guest are confirmed, emerging new or neighbors (local scene) . The studio works like an artistic agency and propose also extra activities (editions, lectures, performances, video screenings, specifique dinners…). It’s an art place melting with the everydaylife, accessible to everyone and promote, diffuse contemporary art in all of its forms.
Oberliht Association – Moldova – Posted 2010-11-05

Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht | ARThotel | CHIOSC | POSTBOX
open show studio – Greece – Posted 2011-05-25

Openshowstudio is a large underground (-literally speaking-) open art project space located in the historical center of Athens, near Monastiraki metro station. Apart from being its administrator’s personal working place, it also hosts group art projects, as a platform of free expression and communication between artists and audience.
Platform Stockholm – Sweden – Posted 2010-09-23

Platform stockholm is a new studio collective located in liljeholmen. We started in april 2010 and house approximately 90 creative persons.
Project M 340 – The Netherlands – Posted 2010-10-08

Project M-340 organizes and facilitates multi-disciplinary projects in art and culture
Ptarmigan – Finland – Posted 2010-04-15

Ptarmigan is an artist run space in Helsinki, Finland. It is intended to house ideas that exist outside of the realm of the traditional and provide a space for adventurous and challenging scenarios. Whether it be performance, visual art, or interactive work, we hope for Ptarmigan to be a home for challenging, innovative projects.
sant marc – Spain – Posted 2011-02-20

dynamic initiative, which began operating in Sineu over ten years ago and has since been moving in different cultural spaces in Mallorca. Where we presented various visual arts projects and graphics editions, in collaboration with many artists.
Sazmanab Project – Iran – Posted 2011-02-04

Sazmanab Project is an independent artist-run space in Tehran, Iran initiated in 2009 by artist/curator Sohrab M. Kashani. Consisted of one exhibition space and a small studio space Sazmanab Project has been actively engaged with both local and international independent artists since its establishment. Sazmanab Project has been offering artist-in-residence and curator-in-residence opportunities within its exhibition space since 2010.
Sci – United Kingdom – Posted 2011-09-23

Artist group based near Liverpool UK. Collaborators and experimenters.
Serial Space – Australia – Posted 2012-03-05

Founded in 2008, Serial Space is a Sydney-based, Australian Artist Run Initiative that facilitates artists working in hybrid and inter-disciplinary practices. Serial Space is run by a collective of 5 Directors who are dedicated to providing opportunities to artists for professional development and creative exchange.
Sight School – USA – Posted 2010-03-05

Sight School an artist run storefront located at 5651 San Pablo in Oakland, Ca. The space began from a desire to create dialogue around new modes of living and being in the world in order to reveal connections between art and life.
SPARWASSER HQ – Germany – Posted 2010-02-23

Sparwasser HQ is a not-for-profit exhibition space and project in Berlin. Sparwasser HQ’s practice is characterized by an open, process-oriented participation from a large group of artists and theorists.
Studio 44 Stockholm – Sweden – Posted 2009-09-18

About 30 members. We are exhibiting members as well as invited artists/groups. Open for collaborations and exchanges with other artist-run spaces. Gallery in Södermalm, Stockholm.
TEGEN 2 – Sweden – Posted 2009-11-16

Artist run art space in Stockholm
TNG – The New Gallery – Canada – Posted 2009-11-03

Established in 1975, The New Gallery is an active artist-run centre for the presentation and promotion of contemporary art in Calgary, Canada. Through exhibitions, performances, discussions and educational resources. – Sweden – Posted 2010-02-04

An artist-run iniative in Värnamo, Sweden
Water Tower Art Fest – Bulgaria – Posted 2010-11-16

We are an artist run organization that intitates the Water Tower Art Fest – an international contemporary art festival done in abandoned buildings around Sofia , Bulgaria. By using alternative/public art spaces with art by internationally recognised artists we induce collaborative practice among the artists themselves and local art scene and citizens over social issues dealt through art.
[the] Evidence – United Kingdom – Posted 2009-11-25

[the] Evidence is a self published journal/’zine produced approximately 4 times a year. Artists, writers and thinkers are invited to respond to each thematically organised version through image and/or text. For Supermarket 2010, past, present and future contributors to [the] Evidence, have been invited to produce a unique piece of work for the fair.

Cultural institutes

Suomalais-ruotsalaisen kulttuurirahaston sivustolle – Finland – Posted 2009-09-20

Rahaston tarkoituksena on edistää Ruotsin ja Suomen välistä yhteistyötä kulttuuri-, yhteiskunta- ja elinkeinoelämän aloilla.
Culture Ireland – Ireland – Posted 2010-11-24

Culture Ireland creates and supports oppertunities for Irish artists to present their work at strategic international festivals,venues,showcases and art fairs.
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – The Netherlands – Posted 2009-09-18

Promotes Dutch art and culture. Keeps track of cultural events in Sweden with a relation to the Netherlands.
FRAME – Finland – Posted 2010-11-09

Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, established in 1992, provides services and acts as an expert body in international exchanges related to visual arts.
Goethe institute – Germany – Posted 2009-09-18

Promotes German culture in Sweden.
Mondrian Foundation – – Posted 2010-02-02

The Mondriaan Foundation encourages the appreciation of visual arts, design and the cultural heritage from the Netherlands.
Norden – Nordic countries – Posted 2009-10-07

Official co-operation in the Nordic region Sections. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the autonomous territories of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland work together in the official Nordic co-operation.
Romanian Cultural Institute – Romania – Posted 2009-09-18

Promoting Romanian cultural exchange in Sweden.
SCAC – de l’Ambassade de France à Stockholm – France – Posted 2009-09-20

Un service de l’Ambassade de France dont la mission principale est de favoriser les coopérations franco-suédoises en matière culturelle, linguistique, scientifique et universitaire.
The Canada Council for the Arts – Canada – Posted 2011-01-04

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s national, arm’s-length arts funding agency.
The Norwegian embassy in Stockholm – Norway – Posted 2009-09-20

Arbetar för att kontakten mellan våra två länder upprätthålles och vidarutvecklas; bland annat inom kulturområdet.
The Polish institute in Stockholm – Poland – Posted 2009-09-18

Supports cultural exchanges beteween Poland and Sweden.
Wallonie-Bruixelles-International – Beligium – Posted 2011-01-04

Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) is a public authority in charge of International Relations Wallonia-Brussels. It is the instrument of international policy by the French Community of Belgium’s Walloon Region and French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital.

Large artist organisations

Edisyon – Independent Works – Turkey – Posted 2011-06-11

Edisyon is an exhibition space for independent creators of photography, prints, paintings, design objects, etc. It aims to be an open and continuously expanding portfolio. By doing this, it will try to register and create a collective memory of independent works.
Galleria Huuto – Finland – Posted 2009-11-07

Galleria Huuto is an independent artist collective located in Helsinki, Finland. Currently Huuto maintains two galleries, both located at the center of Helsinki. Galleria Huuto is not restricted merely within these premises, however, but can also be realized elsewhere in a form of various events, projects and visits. Annually Huuto organizes as many as 50 contemporary art exhibitions.
galleryHOMELAND – USA – Posted 2010-09-28

galleryHOMELAND is a Portland, Oregon, USA based non-profit arts organization advancing awareness of Portland’s rich cultural community by creating new opportunities and lasting cultural exchange in a unique series of programs focused on exporting local arts and artists and importing national and international art and artists.
IGBK – Germany – Posted 2009-10-26

The Internationale Gesellschaft der Bildenden Künste (IGBK) is a powerful lobby, representing the interests of visual artists. It unites Germany’s three most important supra-regional artist associations.
Konstnärshuset – Sweden – Posted 2009-10-29

Stockholms oldest artist-run gallery was built 1899 and has since then been a part of the art scene i Stockholm.
KRO – Sweden – Posted 2009-09-18

Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, KRO, The Swedish Artists´ National Organization, founded in 1937, and comprises some 3,000 professional visual artists within the fields of painting, sculpture, textiles, graphic art and new media.
Nordic Art Association (NKF) – Nordic countries – Posted 2009-09-18

An organization for visual artists in the nordic countries aming to create networks.
RCAAQ, Quebec – Canada – Posted 2009-09-20

Founded in 1986, It has become the meeting point of a network of some sixty artist-run centers and cultural organizations from all over the province of Quebec.
Sculptors Guild, New York – USA – Posted 2009-09-20

A renowned and rich history of visionary and avantgarde artists of divergent aesthetics, and its members have been contributing to the cultural landscape of New York, for over 70 years through public and professional exhibitions.
sculpture network – Germany and Europe – Posted 2011-12-05

sculpture network is an european non-profit organization which supports the three-dimensional art in Europe. At this time we have more than 950 members in 45 different countries.