promoting art

Let’s not be ashamed of wanting to show work and actually having people come to se it.

We all have good and bad days. On my bad days, I speak to noone, but if I have a good day and feel that my art is pretty decent I try to use that and actually check out an opportunity, speak to a gallerist or to a fellow artist whom I admire.

I am no expert on this, far from it, nevertheless, it’s not difficult at all to use social media for the purpose of showing you art and letting people know what’s going on. It’s good to have a proper mailing list but it always helps to use other channels like:
create a facebook page for a special event
google +
a personal blog

why not wikipedia, (have a college write something about you)

and basically any community you feel could be relevant.
Some of these you can link to each other so you don’t need to update it all

Yo can even start a community yourself or with colleges you have something in common with.

some pr


9 tips