publications and prints

Make a business card:
It always comes in handy. I even have one for this site.

Search the web for cheap or free cards.
Keep it professional looking.

Some websites claim to offer cards for free, they never do in the end, but they can be cheap.
Google to find which one is close to you. I have used vistaprint. It’s OK. Not free, but cheap.

A nice looking catalogue is good to have, not the least for your own self confidence.
Having a little catalogue gives you an opportunity to be generous and spread your art,
and it is really good to get an overview of what your art is about, or where it is going.

Use good images,  high resolution, brief info and nice, simple packaging.
Think about what it is for, what about it is most important and how to get
focus on your subject matter way of producing art.
Always keep it looking professional.