Social Media for Artists

OK, so how do I use all these free channels? And why should I use social media for my art? Well, you don’t have to, but for instance, you may want a good turn out at an opening or an event, alas you may want to use one or two of these to invite people or inform them of what you are up to.

Facebook: make a page, a new user, a company site or and create events for all your shows.
create a facebook page for a special event
This is quite useful  since a lot of people use this (about 2 billion). However, FB owns the copyright for the images you post.
Whatever that means for you as an indiviual artist or group. And FB just looks horrible and not professional at all. So it’s not a substitute fro a website. But still you get your own network going .

google + [I need to thry this out first, please be patient, or let me know what you think]

Myspace This was first good news for musicians, since they could post music, and info here for free. It became very popular and plenty of bands claim Myspace as a contriubing reason for their sucess. Artists can obviously use  this if they like although Facebook is far more popular today, but Myspace is more open and therefore better for having people stumble upon your work.

soundcloud [I need to thry this out first, please be patient, or let me know what you think]

twitter I suppose it can be useful but you need followers for this to be a good tool. If you like twitter and have a good contact base then by all means use it, hook it up to other accounts such as FB or tumblr so you don’t need to to things twice.

flickr This is mainly an image bank, but if you want to give away a version of your work for free, it’ll work. I suppose it could be a way of getting your art work out there.

A personal blog Something as simple as a blog can be as good as a web site, they can also be used for specific projects or collaborations. If you use wordpress you can buy your won domain in one go, if you want.

Youtube is a social media, with millions of users. For you as an artist it can be useful to record for instance a show, performance or document work and post on youtube, after that you can use the embed code and paste your film on a blog, on facebook or anywhere you like. If you film your show it can be good to display it on places like youtube so people who cant get to the show can get a glimpse.

Vimeo is just like youtube just a whole lot nicer. Where youtube is burdened ith violence, bullying, pornography and all kinds of bad stuff, Vimeo is still a lot cleaner. No commercials and it wont link your work to obscure films you don’t want to be grouped with.

Tumblr, Is like a cross beween facebook and a blog. You get followers, follow others, invite people and post stuff in a pretty aesthetic fashion.

Instagram is a bit like Facebook for dummies. You can only post photos, have followers and write descriptions, but it is fun and people use it alot. Think about whom you are posting to, and why. You can use it as backup to other social media and maybe as a teaser.


Please let me know what other social media I should post and try. Thanks. See image below for more ideas!

there is soooo much